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Has anyone swapped for 245/55/18s?

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Just wondering if anyone had swapped the stock tires with the 245/55/18 BFGoodrich G ForceTA KDWS yet. If so did you have any problems with rubbing and was there a difference in performance afterwards?
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Hi LilBear,

Here is an earlier post by an owner in Mexico who swapped for the TA's:

300cMexico said:
Hello. Here is an update. I have pushed the car to 250 Kmh which is about 156 MPH.
I think that is the limit of the engine/trans not so much electronic limiter.

As for the ride i changed tires and put the 245/55 18 bf goodrich and it made a night and day difference. car is a lot more steady.

These tires are great.
I am considering going the same route - TA's mounted on light racing rims to keep weight down. I find the Contis heavy, unresponsive and definitely unstable over 125 mph.
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