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The HID lights are those for low beam only or are they Low and High Beam. If not for both what type of blub is used. Also what blub fits the fog lamp. I just think it looks bad when you have this HID light then you have a nasty yellow light as a fog light right below it. I would want to replace this fog lamp at least and if the high beam is not HID would like to do the same. Thanks for any help

what blubs are reccommended to fit headlamps and foglamps open to any suggestions that would make these halogen blubs look more like and match HID lights.
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HID involves much more than just bulbs; there is a high-voltage power supply that needs to be wired in. Silverstars are just a fancier model of halogen bulbs, same wattage as stock but supposed to be somewhat brighter and whiter. Sylvania also has a "blue" halogen drop-in that is not any brighter than stock but gives the "look" of HID.
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