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Headlight help

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My C came with regular headlights... to customize a bit, I put Nokia bulbs in the high beam, low beam, and fog lights... all hyper white, which is more of a cool blue.

Problem is with the low beams...simply not bright enough. At night, I always have to have the fog lights on, or it's REALLY difficult to see.:blindfold Fog lights look great, and are bright enough, as are the high beams...

So my problem is with the low beams...

The question is what can I do? What are my options? I saw this on ebay;
and didn't know if that was a smart alternative or if they are too expensive & unecssary for me, if there are other options.

Any advice and thoughts are MOST appreciated!!! Keep in mind, I don't want to change the color of my fogs or high beams, as I love that blue kinda look.
(I went so far as to change all my interior lights to blue too & they look great!!!)

Thank you in advance for you suggestions!
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I installed Silver Stars and find them to be bright and white ....not blue!
Marlin ..... gotta disagree with you. Increases light concentration? HUH? Tricks your mind? HUH? Your opinion only...nothing scientific there. If you increase light concentration, wouldn't that mean ... never mind. I will tell you that Sylvania SS's are in my "C" and in DW's car too. Been there a year. Both of us like the whiter light. It is NOT ricer blue in either car. OK, IMHO. Not a whizzing contest here, but I know I've had mine a year or more (2 cars) and they even pass the wife test.

I will add that yellow light is better. That is why true fogs are yellow and in Europe many headlights are yellow. France even had (still has) a law saying headlights must be yellow. So it may be that whiter makes less vision. BUT (as I argue with myself!) then why are cars going to HID's? Hmmmmm
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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