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Headlight Mod's

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About a month ago, I was surfing forums and I came across a thread that showed a modified 300 limited that replaced the orangish lights under the headlights. They used a clear (filament) that gave the headlights a clear appearance. I was wondering if anyone had done this to their 300 or had the link back to the thread.

Also, I wondered if anyone had been in contact with companies that could produce the side orange blinkers for a clear plastic look with orange bulbs. I am hoping that someone will make these available aftermarket, because the orange looks tacky.
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I am using bulbs from Silverstars work well too, but look a bit more orange when not lit. Mine lite up orange perfectly at night.

As far as I know, no one is manufacturing the sidemarker clear corners yet. But I imagine very soon we will be seeing some.
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rogue, nice picture. Love that Grill. :)
Rogue, What Size/Fitment are the Headlight Bulbs?, I Want to Change my Wit the Xenon Bulbs
Can't Lose wit 22s said:
Rogue, What Size/Fitment are the Headlight Bulbs?, I Want to Change my Wit the Xenon Bulbs
Hemi_Hombre said:
Here's the break out of lamps used on the exterior of the 300C:

Back-Up 3057
Front Fog 9145/H10
Front Park/Turn 3157AK
Front Sidemarker W5W
High Beam Headlamp 9005
License W5W
Low Beam Headlamp (Halogen) 9006XS
Tail/Stop/Turn 3057
You wont find a 9006XS HID conversion kit. You'll have to retrofit standard 9006 and I understand there is a voltage regulator on the headlights, so some relays and electrical work is requried.
Oh, aight, cause I got the HIDs on the Cool Vanilla 300C, but i wanted to Put The Xenon Bulbs in the Headlights of the Black Base 300 When i Get it. But Thanks anyway for the Info. Oh and Tru on what Hemi57 Said That Grill Is Phat. Was it Hard to Install?
Can't Lose wit 22s said:
Was it Hard to Install?
In my opinion yes. I don't enjoy drilling holes in my new car. I also don't enjoy prying the bumper cover so far to get to the bottom 4 holes.

It was a bit scary to install, but the result is well worth the effort.
Rogue, I sent you a PM Regarding the Xenon Bulbs
i just want to replace them with clear ones anyone know where to get these or the number
HID upgrade for the lower driving lights?

Has anyone seen an upgrade to replace the factory driving lights with HIDs?
From what I know there is no HID's for fog lights. You can get fake HID looking bulbs but there is not real HID kits for fog lights but I can be wrong.
Its around $350 on ebay. Its from E&G Classics, search the forum theres tons of info on it.
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