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Headlights stuck on!

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I park in an underground garage when at work. I usually turn on my headlight for safety. Sometimes it's dark enough for the auto-lights to work - sometimes not.

The other day I took "the crew" out to lunch in the 300c. When I came back into the garage, I switched the lights on manually. I parked the car (backed in a spot), turned the headlights back to "A" mode and got out.

Walking towards the buildings door, I pushed "a" button to lock the doors. I looked back a noticed that the headlights were on. In the EVIC, I had turned off the option to turn the lights on when locking the doors. so I thought I mistakenly pressed the unlock button which I have set for 90 seconds of light. So, I reached in my pocket, this time pulled out the key and pushed the lock button. Blink blink of the yellow lights - headlights still on - because if you push the unlock button they will stay on even though you've locked the door.

About 20 minutes later, I get a call from the front desk saying that someone says that your lights are on. I said that it was probably just that I had hit the unlock before going in and that they are probably off by now.

Another 20 minutes later (40 mins for those playing along at home), building secuirty calls me and tells me my lights are on. Humm, maybe they are really on!

Sure enough. They are on. I unlock door and flip the switch to "1" and back to "A." The lights on now off. I relock the doors and the lights remain off.

Haven't had a problem since.

Maybe it was a Twilight Zone Episode? :eek: Any one else seen this bizaarenes?
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That is why I turned off all those gadgetries the first day I got my car.
Too damn confusing for this geezer. Everything is set to manual/off on my car. :)
Mine did the similar thing "Catchme" Daylight ...I drive under an lights come on...they wouldnt shut down. I was still on the road so after a while I manualy switched. This is strange. Well another entry for the dealer to do list...
Definately a problem - especially since the front control module is supposed to turn the headlights off after 8 minutes - even if you did purposefully leave them in the on position.
Yes, it has happened to me a couple times as well, but never regularly and not in quite some time.
I manually tuned on my headlights this morning due to fog. When I parked the car I turned them to the off position. An hour and a half later someone comes into my office to tell me my headlights are on. I checked the swith position (all the way left), started and stopped the car and they went off. Anyone know what the problem is?
I had a similar fluke. A couple of times I noticed that after I turned the car off and then turned the lights from ON position to A for automatic, they never turned off, so I've never dome it again, and haven't had that problem.
Man, I'm not liking reading about this stuff.
Yesterday, at 1900 miles, my car decided not to start. Left it for 5 minutes, and it started right up.
Sounds like a batch of bad electronic control modules have been installed in our cars. Hmmmm...
Hopefully a flash will fix all this... Mine is dated Feb and I want the way, cool oil guage on my EVIC! :)
So there was no solution to this issue...mannn
So there was no solution to this issue...mannn
That was 9 years ago!
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