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hello all

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I found this board while looking around for some info on my soon to be delivered 300c. I've been lurking for a little bit and decided to sign up with this awesome board. i've learned so much about the car in the past week from reading this board non stop :D

I can't wait till i take delivery of my 2006 magnesium 300c in the next couple of days. there aren't many of them here in Kuwait and especially in this colour which there are currently only 2 and one of them is mine heheh :D the next batch also will be only black, silver and gray, the most popular colours.

apparently they ONLY have them optioned out and also slap the magnum rims and Pirelli P7's on the ones here so that's an added plus, the only things missing are navigation, uconnect and sat radio (useless in kuwait i would imagine). i am planning on adding an eclipse screen and maybe some 20' wheels down the line. I LOVE THIS CAR :nutkick:
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Welcome to the board JC, and thanks for coming in instead of just peeking in the windows! :silly:

No fire extinguishers as standard equipt here in the US...
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