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Welcome to the forum, and Congrats!

"Unfortunately, I've got the old 5 speed.... "
That's a BIG plus in my book. My '13 had the 8 speed and it never felt right. The electronic ratchet shifter was just plain odd, and although it could be put in low... it was too low for stop and go traffic. When you just want to creep along, it would up-shift. Drove me nuts.

However, my '05 has the 5 speed and autostick... it's wonderful. If you haven't played with autostick, you can pull the shifter to the left & right to manually shift gears. It's not instantaneous, but it's a blast just the same. It also lets you set a gear in traffic and won't shift beyond. Say you set it in third, it will shift 1,2,3 and not go any higher. Ideal for creeping along. Down shift into a turn... or gear down approaching a stop... play with it a bit and once you get a feel for it, I suspect you'll love it
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