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I'm at wits end and really need some help here.
2005 300C 5.7 89,000 miles
Ran fine and then one day would crank but not start. Wouldn't even catch. Starts briefly on starting fluid and dies immediately. NO Codes.
After a bunch of new parts it starts with Starting Fluid but runs like it was running on 3 cylinders.
Needs a bit of pedal to stay running (like crap) If you let off the accelerator the RPMs will drop below 700 and it will stall.
Now it has a Bank 2 Lean Code.

Replaced main fuel pump. Checked: Fuel pressure. Gauged good while cranking and running.
Replaced all the Plugs.
Replaced coils. Checked and spark present on all plugs.
Replaced Crank and Cam sensors.
Replaced MAP sensor.
Engine temp sensor reads correctly (Using Dash diagnostic display)
Pedal Position sensor reads correctly.

Condition of NEW Spark plug ceramic electrode after running motor for a few minutes.
Plug 1: Really clean
Plug 2: Really clean
Plug 3: Really clean
Plug 4: Really clean
plug 5: Clean on one side. Pretty clean on other with light oil spot.
Plug 6: Heavy black soot
Plug 7: Clean on one side. Mild soot with oil spot on other side.
Plug 8: Mild/Medium soot

I need some pro advice at this point.
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