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Help!!!!!C WON'T START!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys, we were working on my C and it won't start. There's a lightning bolt on my dash and it turns over but it's like there's no fuel.
Any suggestions?
Sorry about the double posts but we are stuck now!!!
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wesexcellence said:
FIXED ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!
This car is amazing...this morning it started right up! I guess the computer reset itself!
Wes, have you reinstalled your passenger seat yet? We got a code thrown (airbag) when we reinstalled it. The car is at the dealer to be reset... Too may friggin' sensors and computers on this car.
wesexcellence said:
Not week. I wonder if you disconnect battery, let it set for awhile, reconnect seat and then put battery term back-on would work? It does on BMW's we work on.
That may work but, I just picked it up from the dealer, according to the tech, anytime the seat is disconnected from the module it requires calibration. They had these weights that they used to calibrate, pretty interesting but cost me $99. Another thing I learned is that you can not "swap" seats from car to car, the passenger side has the "black box" that records everything.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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