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Help needed,how-to turn off headlights

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No don't mean how to turn off the headlights regularly. I have the 300 Touring and my lights turn on everytime I use the Remote key to unlock the doors. What do I have to do to have this setting off? I checked the manual and it seems this can only be done with EVIC which I think they only come with the 300c's. I don't feel like going to the deal and have them do it. If someone can help i'd really appreciate it.
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ok ,try this...
1. Press and hold the UNLOCK button on the key fob.
2. Continue to hold the UNLOCK button at least 4 seconds, but no longer then 10 seconds, then press and hold the LOCK button while still holding the UNLOCK button.
3. Release both buttons at the same time.
4. Test the feature while outside of the vehicle, by pressing the LOCK button on the key fob with the igntion in the LOCK postion and the key removed.
5. Pressing the LOCK button button on th key fob, while you are in the vehicle, will activate the security alarm. Opening adoor with the security alarm activated will cause the alarm to sound. Press the UNLOCK button to deactivate the security alarm.
This feature can be reactivated by repeating this procedure.

No help on changing the time for lights on.
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