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Hi all

I'm down to the final stage of rebuilding my 300c's interior after a fire damaged the front passenger seat (left hand side as I'm in the UK), seat belt pre-tensioner and center console.

Any damaged parts have been replaced but the one part I'm failing to find is the seat belt pre-tensioner. I've been hunting on the internet and information seems scarce. I've also tried contacting the local dealer with no progress.

The problem seems to be that my 300c is fitted with pre-tensioners, where the norm is to just have belt clips (so I've been told).

I'm hoping some-one could help with information, a part number, supplier or even a better description of the part.

I've attached a image of the pre-tensioner for the driver's side (right), but as above, its the left hand side I need.

Thanks in advance

P.s. Great forum. I've had many hours great reading :)


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