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the trim around the radio/sat system and around the outer part of the shift gate (back to the cup holder mechanism) on my car is kind of a silver matte with a black dot pattern.

It looks like from pics on the internet - which are hard to tell for sure due to sizing - that these trim pieces should be just plain silver/dull stainless steel kind of look (like how it is on the on the shift knob) for the SRT-8.

I prefer the look of just the plain flat silver/stainless steel look. I have a 2005. If someone can post a close-up picture of just this part of the car on an '05 I would appreciate it. Maybe i am wrong and it just looks that way in the other pictures on the internet. Otherwise, this would likely have been some kind of screw-up on the production line i guess and one more thing for me to follow up with along with the owners manual i am still waiting for.

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