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Help Please***Rear Fuse Panel

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I was just doing some work in the rear spare tire wheel well. Something is broken in the right rear shock and I was checking the nut on top of the shock, to see if it was loose. I happened to drop a fastener and needed to reach under the fuse box and I removed the fuse box top. I must have knocked a little fuse type circuit breaker loose. It was just laying loose on top and I don't really know where it goes or its function. The owners manual didn't show a complete list of the fuses, and inside the fuse box, didn't really show an accurate diagram. The only place it seems to go is across position 33, shown on the inside, of the plasitic cover. Someone Please let me know if there is a, one of a kind, 2 prong circuit breaker, plugged in there. My 300C has all options except the block heater. Thanks, Dixie
PS does anyone have an accurate diagram of the fuse block with the purpose of the fuse? I would love to have a copy.
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Here's a picture of mine....

The wire coming out of it is the remote turn on lead for my sub.


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Thanks HaTaX


Thank you very much for the Photo. Could you please verify something for me. I can't really tell if the circuit breaker type fuse is in the picture. I think I see it, but I would like to be sure.

In the bottom of your picture on the left side is the red + wire. Going to the right from there is a row of 4 Pink top fuses and then 2 white top fuses.

Going up the page, on the right side, above the two white fuses, are two spots that have the pattern of relays in the plastic. The lower pattern has a narrow circuit breaker plugged across it, instead of a relay. This is directly above the 2 white topped fuses.

It was not clear to me if the circuit breaker is plugged in the spot I described. I think I see it, but I'm not sure. Is it clear enough in your orig. photo to actually see the circuit breaker. It is narrow and about 5 times longer than a fuse. It looks like a fuse pluged in the middle of it, but it is actually a reset button.

That is what fell out on mine, and I want to make sure I put it back where it belongs. Those fuses, circuit breaks, and relays on this fuse block are really easy to knock out or vibrate loose. I found several that were not seated firmly. Some of the Guys on the Magnum forum(I believe) have had problems with them vibrating loose.

Thanks for you help. Dixie
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Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, thought it would help you figure it out from there... Here's a better on and I put a light yellow circle around the object I think you're looking for...


What a Great Photo! Who could ask for more? I couldn't have ask for a better picture. I was better than standing there with a shop light. Too bad there was not an accurate diagram in the owners manual. One with a description of the purpose of each fuse. I have never had a car that didn't have a diagram for the fuses. Maybe someone with a shop manual will make us one.

Thanks again, Dixie
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