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Help with my audio system please.

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OK this is the deal I have a 300 touring. I am running a pionner 4channel amp for my mids and highs, and a 2 channel punch500 to two 12's punch p2s(8ohm speakers-bridged down to 4ohm). The problem is my punch amp just cuts off. I think its just lack of power going to the amp. Also, after that cuts off, i can hear my mids and highs seem to lower in volume slowly. I would have to raise the volume higher that usual. Dash lights do dim alot. I have 4 gauge cable split to two 8 gauge cables using a distribution block to the amps. What do you experts think I should do? Would getting a farad capacitor do the job with what I have? Or would I have to get an optima battery as my 2nd battery. Or even more costly, will i have to upgrade my alternator and get either or a farad cap or battery. I thought this car would handle this extra stuff better than I experienced, cuz I had bigger systems in my old lil honda civic that handle this needed power better. I searched the audio forum here to decide, but didnt find an answer for my case. If any1 has suggestions, please feel free to help me out.
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Several suggestions:

1. Get a 1 farad capicitor.
2. Use 4 guage wire for all wiring
3. Look at the amp when it is playing, my amps have a CLIP light that comes on. Sometimes your head unit cannot handle the power of the amps and either the head unit will "clip" (cut-off) or the amp can do it. What I did on mine to relieve the problem was to turn off all loud functions or "SLA" functions on the head unit and let the volume control the loudness. I also turned down the gain on my mids and highs amp and again let the volume control it. This solved my problem of the amp cutting off while songs were hitting.

Recommendation: Try step 3 first, then go to your others. Also, in the long run, you will be glad if you have a capacitor, your batter and alternator will thank you at around 40 or 50k miles.
4herb2tas0tik said:
and then when you put the amp into mono setting it see's what??
2ohms?...i do know this when you hook amp up as mono it chnges the ohms again...but i dont know what the answer is..wessexeliance would know the answer to this

its a 2 channel amp, those amps are not 1 ohm stable, unless he is trying to run it at mono, which can cause the amp to over heat and cut off in 5 minutes or so
exactly. You can have a 4 ohm load from the two subs but if you wire those in a series and only put one negative in and one positive in the other channel, it will bring a 1 ohm load to the amp, causing it to overheat QUICKLY or blow a fuse
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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