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I've been around the block mant times, and grown up around some pretty fast sheetmetal. Owned quite a few myself.

My first Ride was a 71 Plymouth Road Runner with a 383 4bbl. You know what happened to the Road Runner, and, all the other MoPar muslce from that era; Killed by Emissions and Skyrocketing Insurance Premiums.

the Hemi died in 71, as well. Chrysler couldn't see the wisdom in trying to make a limited production motor emissions compliant.

But, I ALWAYS thought that the Hemi, with it's highly efficient combustion chamber design, crossflow heads, etc, was, if anything EASIER to probably make compliant with emissions.

If they stuck on one of those huge Carter 4 bbls, killed the multiple caburation, and sharpened up the ignition circuit, dialed in a little EGR, etc., it might have made it. Hell, they were still making 400's and 440's, albiet in much reduced performance, until 1978. And THOSE engines didn't have the efficiency of the Hemi.

But, now, it's BACK. Hell, it's even has a 50 State Emissions Rating, and, that's not easy.

It will soon be BACK in MY Garage...

I'm waiting on a Black SRT8, loaded, Ordered 2.3.05


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