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I purchased my 2019 300S 5.7L at the end of December. Over two weeks ago, I had to take it into the dealer because of the noise in these videos:

Apparently I can't post URLs. Couldn't log into my old account attached to an old email, so I had to register a new account. Sorry not sorry.

So far, I can't really complain about the dealer's service. They still figured out a loaner despite not having one available when they thought they did. However, they haven't been able to replicate this issue much since I dropped it off. They heard me pull up to the service center; it was that loud. The service manager wants to keep the car there. I guess they want to talk to either Chrysler corporate or engineers. I'm not sure exactly what they said.

If there's anyone who works at Chrysler who can chime in, that would be great. I'd really like to know what to expect. I purchased the car with 200-some-odd miles on it. The noise started at about 2180 miles on the odometer. I've only made two car payments and I already do not have my car and I'm going a little crazy. It really sounds like a lifter issue. Why do they need to replicate the issue while knowing there is absolutely a problem with the engine? It's a brand new car, it needs a brand new engine - not a rebuilt engine. I wish they would just swap out the engine instead of trying to track down where the issue is.
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