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HIFLO NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - DashHawk performance monitor

The DashHawk is a performance meter, code reader, data-logger, and universal gauge rolled up into a compact digital device. The DashHawk taps into over 100 powertrain parameters otherwise hidden by the vehicles computer. The included software and USB cable enables charting and playback of datalogs, 1/4 mile and 0-100 k performance on your PC and yes it now handles ‘metric’
So for any owners who do not have the EVIC timer - this is your solution.

Hiflo can supply the DashHawk ex stock
Our special price $375.00 ex Melbourne

Check out these links for more detailed information
all DashHawk features
DashHawk product overview

Another major benefit of owning a DashHawk is the amount of ongoing product development work and product support being done and new software upgrades being progressively released. Also
  • currently being developed is the Hawkeye unit which will incorporate wideband AFR logging
  • beta test versions are continually being developed and the current beta version [v2.5 Beta three] has some relevant Chrysler features
1. New parameters:‘07/08 SRT8 parameters

i. Long Term Knock Retard
ii. Short Term Knock Retard
iii. Octane Knock Retard

2. 1/8 mile Performance Test
3. German VIN SRT8 supported
4. “Generic” Boost readings now available regardless of Metric/English units (Boost PSI, Boost BAR, Boost kPa, Boost hPa)
  • a great tech support forum
The DashHawk supports OBD-II vehicles that are "CAN complaint".

contact Steve, Scott or John

03 9547 922
or toll free 1800 817 006
or email [email protected]


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Nice product. Is this suitable for any vehicles?

(whoops I just read the specs and see it suits CAN equipped vehicles so I guess my El Camino is a mismatch :laughing:)
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