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Higher speed limiter on euro 300s....

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Was wondering if anyone had contemplated attempting to get a 300c ECM or PCM to see if it would raise the speed limiter on our 300s? I know that the people in this forum that like speed do not enjoy the feeling of the Hemi shutting down so early in it's game.. Do the euros have a 145mph limiter? I am not sure what the speed is set at, but it would be interesting if we could get a dealer over seas to help us out, or at least find out the cost of a new PCM...
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joe300c said:
Help from an overseas dealer? LOL - GFL. Dealing with the north american Chrysler dealers is a big enough teeth pulling task. North America is limited to 126mph but hopefully a flash update will come out to DIY remove it like certain other brands of cars can have done on.

Either that or maybe DCX will come out with a "getaway car" package the same way they have their police packages, where the limiter will be removed. Until then it's less than ideal for bank robberies.

What about that German Dealer that makes super cars out of the 300's??
You will not be able to use an ECM from another vehicle without assistance from either a dealer or possibly even DCX directly. The ECM and many of the other modules store your VIN number and cannot be interchanged without being reprogrammed.

I've seen one report where someone had a bad ECM and the dealer had to send it to DCX prior to getting the replacement. Part of the issue with it was that the ECM stores the odometer reading and DCX programs that into the new ECM before putting it into the vehicle. Evidently dealers are not allowed to reprogram all aspects of the ECM.
mspeasl, I think you're talking about startech tuning..... I have yet to see anyone come out with a computer programmer for our cars yet... Almost all the previous chryslers you've had to send in the ECM, but with MB you don't always have to do that, I'll be curious to see where our cars fall when the products come out.
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