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Just took my car in for some fixes and one concerned my antifreeze concentration.

After I took delivery last week, I checked my antifreeze concentration at home using my trusty standard "turkey baster 5-ball" antifreeze tester (gotten at any autoparts store).

I only had 4 balls float and the 4th one was real slow to even do that. The 5th ball sunk like a rock. According to my tester, I was around -25 degrees F. in protection.

Being as I live in Wisconsin, I really think I should be at a lower temp, especially knowing there was a TSB about this very issue.

Anyway, I mentioned when I took the car in today and they said they would check it. The service guy just called and said they checked it and they got it to read -35 degrees F., and that all 5 balls floated.

Here is the interesting part.

He also said that because the 300 uses the new HOAT antifreeze, that a typical 5-ball tester can't be used and that they have to use one espcially designed for that type of antifreeze. He suggested that because I was using an older "normal" antifreeze type tester, the reading was not accurate.

Anybody else ever heard of this? Does this HOAT type antifreeze require a "specific" type of tester now?

What do you guys think?



Here is an interesting link on antifreeze types:

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