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Well, everyone keeps telling me that they need an AWD 300 cuz of all teh snow up here. I always tell them that I was born with a set of testicles so I can drive a RWD just fine. But, I thought I'd post some pics for some of the guys (and anybody really) to take a look at. Also, I wanted to publically question their manhood just cuz that's funny. And, Emry, you KNOW where I work and you KNOW where I live, so you KNOW how far I drove....just fine...ya big GIRL!!!!!:biggrin:

tHE HESS station by the dealership...SIDEWAYS!!!!!!:arms: (on purpose)

Where's the road? I don't know....:smashfrea

No highway needed.

Chilli Ave

ps, I took all of these pics with my Motorola Q9m phone, so sorry for the suckageness.
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