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Hood alignment

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I was washing my 300 the other day and noticed that the hood, when closed is not aligned properly. It sits a little to the left. Is this something i can adjust or do i need to take it back to the dealer?
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vvv90 said:
Body panels are never aligned right on mass produced cars.....Look around, you'll find more.

Especially look at where the plastic panels i.e. bumper ends.....Look at the seration where they formed and cut. :crazy:

Well they've come a long way though - - I remember when I was a kid my parents bought a brand new 1978 Cadillac Fleetwood.... the trunk lid had about a 3/8" gap on one side, and overlapped the rear quarter panel on the other side...i'm not making that up! But further forward, near the rear window it fit almost correctly..... no way you could adjust it because anyway you moved it would just change the location of the mis-alignment. In fact it was this particular car that caused my dad to NEVER buy a GM product again and he had been a loyal GM guy up till then. ( he's now the proud owner of a bright silver 2006 300C SRT8! ) No need to ask him how the quality compares to the last Caddy he bought!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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