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How can we trick the car into running richer?

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Let's pretend that with cold air intakes, and/or performance exhaust systems, that the air/fuel ratio leans out - perhaps even leaner than ideal. How would I trick the car into running richer?
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marlinspike said:
Perhaps you could replace the air intake temp sensor with a high resistance resistor? Though this would also retard the timing.
why would it retard timing. Isn't timing a leard fuction via the knock sensor?

anyway take a look at this mixture control
marlinspike said:
Bugszrt, it's cause he's got aftermarket headers on.
My brother just got headers on his charger. He is going to the dyno and will have the A/F charted. I believe headers will make a speed density system run a little leaner but from what I've seen these cars need to be leaned out some.

I will post the before headers and after headers A/F readings.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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