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Hi all,

New to the forums. I've been digging for the answer to this question, but so far can't seem to come up with a straight answer for my particular situation.

I just bought a 2007 300C. It has the REC Boston, 8 speaker, 6-disc, Sat radio, w/ Nav system. I would very much like to add Uconnect so I can use my iphone4/4s, as well as an aux in port so I can use my iphone4/4s and play it's music. I'd like to keep the satellite radio as well.

What do I need to purchase to make this happen? Or what do I need to check for to see if this is even possible?

I'd prefer to keep the stock system in place and just "upgrade" it with a Uconnect and aux port. (side note: I've been seeing that there is a special mirror that you need also, could someone point me to some pics so I know if my mirror is set up or if I need that too?)

I apologize if this is a common question asked and I'm just bringing up something old.

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