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I got the seat memory package with my C.

I cant figure how to set it. Nothing in the manual. please help!!!!!!!!1 :( :(

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I tried that,

I doesnt work. i keeps changing to different which crushes my back.

Many cars with seat memory are simple. just hold the set button pick ur number for 5 secs then u hear a beep and its set. It aint working

U sure its in the manual.

Thanks for responding back jjs!!

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Thanks max,
Are these the same instructions as given in the oweners manual??:

The Memory Seat Module (MSM) interfaces with the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) system via the Controller Area
Network (CAN) bus. The proper procedure of setting and recalling a memory position using the RKE is as follows:
1. Press and release memory switch 1 or 2 to recall memory position 1or 2.
2. Adjust the seat, recliner, adjustable pedal position, set radio station presets, set HVAC temperature preset, and
the side view mirrors to the desired position.
3. Press momentarily and release memory switch S.
4. Within five seconds, press momentarily and release memory switch 1 or 2.
5. To link the RKE transmitter: within ten seconds, press and release the “LOCK” button on one of the RKE transmitters
To program the second driver’s position, repeat the above procedure using memory switch 2. The second RKE
transmitter can be programmed in the same fashion as indicated in step 5 Step 5.
Note: The module will abort a recall if the transmission is moved out of park or if any seat movement is
activated whether manually or by memory recall. The module will also abort a recall if any movement of the
adjustable pedals is detected.
To recall either of the programmed positions momentarily press and release either memory selector switch 1 or 2.
If using RKE, just press and release the “UNLOCK” button on the proper transmitter for either position 1 or 2.
A recall is possible any time the vehicle transmission is in PARK and the seatbelt is unbuckled. This condition is
monitored by the MSM.

step 2-4 is what i need
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