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How much are you paying for your rim combo?

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ive used the search button and even though im new like everyone im shopping for 22's for my C i know u get what u pay for....but id like to see what some diffrent packages are running... and popular tire sizes. TIA! :D
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Just ordered a set of Multi-piece forged 22's and they ran me $5400.00 out the door. Listen to what 300cWannaB has to say because there is nothing worse than steering wheel shake because the rims won't balance. I posted some pictures of the rims I ordered on the picture post under check these rims out.
Thanks 300c WannaB. I'll post the pics when the I get them on. I still would like to know more about the new lowering kit people are talking about. I believe it is either made by HRC or H&R.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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