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How much are you paying for your rim combo?

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ive used the search button and even though im new like everyone im shopping for 22's for my C i know u get what u pay for....but id like to see what some diffrent packages are running... and popular tire sizes. TIA! :D
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i would wait, and save more $$$$, and purchase some quality forged wheels. There more lighter, stronger and they balance out more better than the CAST heavy wheels that are out there! (Trust me, because i work at a tire center :p ) .. like fatchance quoted "You will save on the front side, but in the long run pay for it!"

here's some good forged company's..
Donz, GFG, Asanti, Saf, Cartelli, NCforged, HREforged, Makavelli custom forged.... and the list goes on. :D Good luck on your choice
i would say no. On the new TIS line up, they said some where "Multi-piece" not forged tho..

Nice choice 1bad300c! Donz wheels New York make nice luxury wheels.. The donz Sabatini's are the next choice of wheels im planning to get... :D
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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