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Now that I've been focused on sorting out the rest of my TPMS, air pressures have been a bit of a question. I know there's recommended pressure for stock tires, label on the door sill, cold pressure labeled on the sidewall, etc.

Door sill says 30 psi cold, for stock 60 series tire, sidewall says max load at cold 50 psi, on the 265/35/22 tires on there now.

What is your set up and conditions for the following:
1) Tire size
2) Average road conditions
3) cold pressure
4) How did you arrive at that target pressure?

For me:
1) 265/35/22
2) Since I do a lot of around town driving, though "city maintained roads" they're pretty rough around here.
3) Right now, 40 cold
4) Air hose (little nervous about short side walls around here)

I was putting about 34 I think, but the young kid at the oil stop said should go like 42 to protect the rims.

So, looking to you, the experience.

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1. 245/45x20 front, 275/40x20 rear
2. Local surface streets, freeway driving. Road conditions are fair to good.
3. 32 psi cold. After sustained driving heat drives the pressure up to about 35.
4. Picked that cold pressure setting based on experience with two other sets of Toyo tires on this car, the 300 durometer rating and perceived ride quality. Air pressure measured cold with a quality gauge.

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Bringing up the 2 month old thread.

Summer Setup
1) 245/30/22x9 (Slight Stretch) Front - 255/30/22x10 (Stretch) Rear

2) Summer Conditions (Rain, Healthy roads, Anything of that sort)

3) 32 PSI Cold /=/ 36 PSI Cold

4) I used to fill to 32 PSI cold, as also previously stated would heat to 35 ish. I however had bent two wheels on one side due to some kind of Sink Hole 'pot hole' that I had no way to dodge and slammed into it.. It bent the wheels but still held air. So after that - every hole made me weary and scared so I ended up filling air to 36 cold just to give me a little more comfort, I'd rather have slightly a little too much air and egg a tire on a bump that bend another lip. Although that PSI change isnt much of a difference at all, I could definitely feel it on the road. (the hole was on a highway going 80 in a line of cars passing a semi)

Winter Setup
1) 225/60/18 Stock Wheels

2) Winter Conditions (snow, Ice, Cold stuff, Eww)

3) 32 PSI Cold

4) Just what I've always been used to for filling up stocks to.

(note = This is also my daily driver. It's driven all day every day everywhere. 2013 300C 5.7L with just about 80k Miles. I've gotten my hands on the wheel at 36k miles.)
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