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how to disable tire pressure moniter

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Hey all, I did a search and couldn't find this topic although I'm sure I'm not the first to encounter this. I just put aftermarket tires/rims on my 2006 300C and didn't exchange the sensors and stems from my stock wheels. Now the EVIC beeps and has the message "Check TPM system" about every 20 minutes. Is there a way to disable the pressure monitering system? Or, am I forced to transfer my stock sensors into these non-runflat Nittos? I ordered the rims from MC2 and they came pre-mounted, so it isn't like I had the chance to change out the stems etc. I would like to minimize the opportunities for others to put scratches on the rims so remounting them is low on my list of things I'd like to do.

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This will explain it:

Punchline is you can't disable.
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