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A very simple method is to use a hosting site such as for single pics, or for multiple pics.
Both are free, but PhotoBucket does require registration.

1) know in advance where the photo files that you wish to post are located. (to make it easier, you may wish to copy the files to your desktop)
2) Go to one of the above hosting websites and use the 'browse' button to locate and select the files on your computer
2-A) For multiple pics,use Photobucket - click the 'Submit Multiple Pictures' dropdown menu and click the # of pics you need to upload before using the 'browse' feature to select the pics
3) Click the 'host it' or 'submit' button to upload the pic(s)
4) These websites generate 4 different file types - Be sure to choose the
.IMG file and copy/paste that entire IMG link into your post.
5) After pasting the IMG file, you will NOT see the actual pic UNTIL you click "Preview Post".
6) After you preview and verify your pics are inserted successfully, click "submit" and your post is complete!

After you have done this the first time, it is really very simple!
This method has been confirmed to work well for both PC's and Mac's

You can also post pics using the site feature for uploading and attaching files, which is found just below the reply window:
Click reply - scroll down to "Additional Options" - In the "Attach Files" field, click "Manage Attachments" - a pop-up window for uploading will appear.
You can only upload 1 pic at a time and the size limit is 195.3 KB per photo, which may require you to re-size your pics before upload... info for re-sizing can be found below.

it's even simpler...
1) UPLOAD the pic to "my gallery" (very easy and user-friendly)
2) right-click the pic and select "copy"
3) then right-click in your post window and select "paste"
Premium Membership is a paid yearly membership with extra benefits; more info can be found

If you are using the site feature for adding attachments to your posts you may need to re-size pics to fit the max allowed of 195.3KB. You can use your photo software to do this or you can download PIXresizer, a freeware program recommended by PC mag, here ...if you do not arrive at the program page directly, type PIXresizer in their search engine.

And, if you are using
Windows XP, it's even simpler.
If you haven't already done so, download Windows Powertoys
, which includes a right-click pic re-sizer, then:

1) right-click the pic
2) select 'resize'
3-A) for normal posting: click 'small' or 'medium' and skip to step 5
3-B) for an avatar: click 'advanced' at the bottom of the window and proceed to step 4 and 5
4) select 'custom' and enter the desired dimensions, the avatar size limits allowed on the forum differ for Premium members (100x100 or 80kb) and non-Premium members (80x80 or 40kb)
5) click 'ok' then link to the re-sized photo from the upload screen
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