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how to remove rear bumper?..anyone?

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Has anyone removed the rear bumper of the 300 themselves? If so, can you please tell me how? Or if anyone has pic's of the service manual, can you please post them? I've searched and couldn't find no answers... :nervous:
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So is taking the rear bumper/fasia harder or about the same as taking of the front bumper to replace the grill?
looks to be about the same IMO.
I searched the whole website and internet! And I was just wondering? Is this the best information on how to take the bumper of or did I maybe miss something with more detail?
here's some more that may help. I don't think anyone did a writeup with pics, but with the info in the threads you have you should be able to get a good headstart. maybe take some pics as you go and do a write-up for the future folks like yourself?
it's actually easier than the front..
Cool, because I think that is where my friggin' rattle is coming from.... once my wife gets back from some family issues in a week or so I'll ride around in the trunk again to make sure. Thanks for the update post brother!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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