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how to remove rear bumper?..anyone?

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Has anyone removed the rear bumper of the 300 themselves? If so, can you please tell me how? Or if anyone has pic's of the service manual, can you please post them? I've searched and couldn't find no answers... :nervous:
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I have the information that you need, I need some information from you...


I have the information you are looking for. I had to have the rear fascia/bumper skin replaced on my 300 after the car was rearended over the Memorial Day Weekend. I have a question for you before I give you the information, Does your C have the rear parking sensors in the bumper skin? If so, I need to give you additional information. Let me know what you have, and I will get back to you with the exact information that you need to complete your task. I look foreward to be hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Brian T. Carotenuto

This is the information directly from the LX Service Manual--

1) Remove the wheel house splash shield rivets. (3 per side) Get new rivets from dealer
2) Remove the fascia to quarter panel screws (1 per side)
3) Remove the deck lid bumper stops (2 for the sedan)
4) Remove the push pin fasteners (3 for the sedan)
5) Remove the fascia from the vehicle (Fascia is held on by several clips on both sides)
6) Disconnect the electrical connector and remove the fascia assembly
7) Remove Park Assist Sensors (If necessary)


1) Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable (-)
2) Remove rear fascia (Refer to the above instructions)
3) Unsnap Park Assist Sensor from the retaining housing and remove from fascia.


1) Position the Park Assist Sensor over the retaining housing and firmly snap housing
into rear fascia.

2) Install rear fascia (Refer to next set of instructions)

3) Connect negative battery cable and perform recalibration procedure


1) Install Sensors (If necessary)
2) Verify that the clips and push pins are secured into the fenders.
3) Place the fascia assembly into position and reconnect the electrical connector.
4) Install the fascia onto the bumper and slide the open fascia slots over the 4 push
pin fasteners
5) Install the push pin fasteners (3 per sedan)
6) Install the two bumper stops (Sedan Only)
7) Install the fascia to quarter panel screws and secure into the quarter panel.
8) Install the wheel house splash shield rivets

That's it!

Again, The splash shield rivets are designed to work one time only, replacements can be obtained from your dealer.

Hope this information helps.

Sincerely yours,

Brian T. Carotenuto
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Sorry to hear about your car. I hope you are OK! After the accident (filing the police reports and talking to the insurance company (both mine and the person that hit me) I took my 300 to a local Dodge dealer near where I live in Newark. (Kirkwood Dodge). I had the bodyshop there do all the bodywork that needed to be done. The damage to the car cost $1240 to fix. I have posted pix of the damage to my 300 on this forum both before and after the car was repaired. The damage to mine consisted of the rear bumper fascia, the trunk panel (The panel that the bumper bar attaches to) and the trunk latch. The work took approximately a week and a half to do. It would have taken sooner, only problem being that when the rear fascia was removed, the shop noticed the additional damage to the car. (My Original post with pix was "My 300 was hit over the Memorial Day Weekend". or something to that extent. Do a search for my posts and you will find it. Kirkwood Dodge did an excellent job in restoring the car to the new condition. (The car was 6 months old at the time!) and the paint matched perfectly, you couldn't even tell that the bumper was replaced.

Depending on your location, you may want to give them a call. I highly recommend them for the work done.

I hope this helps.

Sincerely yours,

Brian T. Carotenuto
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