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How to remove side markers

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Im going to tint my tail lights soon and hate they orange side markers i hated the orange parking light bulbs in the headlights too and changed those to all clear looks 100x better so i was thinking when i tint the tails i might as well do the corners casue i hate the orange and this way it'll match the back of the car just wondering if anyone knows how they come off do u have to take the whole front bumper off??? thanks
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what bulbs?

what bulbs did you use for the turn signals? i want to do that also but the bulbs i put i are too dim and i dont like it.. as far as the side markers ..i hate the orange too i dont know how to get it off yet but when i do im gonna pull the bulb out and paint it the same color of the car ...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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