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Well, I found this on a tinters site when I was searching for 300C forums. I hope it's helpful.

Quoted from the thread but no pictures:

Okay, here's the scoop on this car, I did one the other day. The tinting is easy. The gaskets pull out no problem without panel removal. The rear deck has to be removed to tint under the brake light.
The rear side seat posts won’t be tricky if you read this...or you'll do what I did.
There's 1 10mm bolt you take out for them but before pulling the piece out like you would on a Malibu, place your plug puller in behind where the clip is holding in the top part of the seat post and push down, then pull it away to release. If you just pull on it, you will break the clamp off the side seat post that is held on by a rivet and you'll have to replace the rivet with a screw (but the "button" part of the rivet will be lost in the seat post and will "rattle." (I had to drill a small hole in the back of the post so the piece would fall out.)

You say push down; down on what? The bent tab that goes into the hole behind the seat? It looks as if the part goes up then back then down.. so you would push down on the top of it? I did one yesterday and cut around the light, but remembered seeing this post before, so I tried it but after a minute, gave up, I'll try it on the next one.

Yes, exactly! Sorry I didn't have my camera on me at the time, so it is hard to explain in type until you see it but the way you are asking is right.

Tint Wizard is right. Same thing happened to me today on passenger side only. Had a guy call for an estimate saying I was too high -" the windows are so small."

Well, don't be mislead, you have to remove the deck lid and visibility to be able to replace 4 of the screws for side plastic seat pillar covers which is not as easy as you'd like. Also, if you cut around I'd say it would look pretty novice.
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