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As a lot of people don't browse outside of the Australian area you may have missed how easy it is to update your maps to a newer version.
If you are sick of your maps being way out of date then read on, (providing you have a 2nd Generation model).

What you will need is :-
  1. USB key (Corsair, Kingston or something of quality)
  2. New maps. (Garmin of course)

The current maps for Australia look something like this
City Navigator Australia & New Zealand NT 2014.40

If you have them zipped you should see something similar to this
CNAUNZ201440NAVTEQ_AllInOne_UL.rar (Unzip it to a temp folder somewhere)
you should see a file in there like CN_AUNZ_NT_2014.4-NAVTEQ.img
rename that file to GMAPPROM.IMG

First thing to so is format the USB key using FAT32.
Now create a folder on the root of the key called Garmin.
In the root of the Garmin folder add these 2 files

Now look for a folder called JCV with 1 or more JCV files inside
Now copy this as a subfolder to the Garmin folder

If you see a folder called ASR than copy this as a subfolder to the Garmin folder. These are the files needed to make the VR work with the sat nav however as you are aware it doesn't work over here. But just in case it won't hurt to add them if they are there and who know it just might work for someone.

Adding Voice Files. (With these files some voice commands will now work)

Add these files to the ASR folder.
So you should see 3 files with a .ASR extension and 3 with .SRD extension and 1 with a SRX extension

After you update your maps you the following voice commands will now work.

View Map
Where To
Find Points of Interest
Find Recently Found
Go Home
Find Nearest Bank
Find Nearest airport
Find Nearest hotel
Plus many other find nearest.

This is not adding an address via voice but its more than we had.

Now its time to go to the car and update the maps.
This process can take a while and you need to have the ignition on and you might have to cycle the ignition during the process which normally means you can't have the door open.
TIP. Leave the door open and flick the door catch so the car thinks the door is shut, then you can start the process and do other stuff while it updates.

With the ignition on stick the USB key in and it should start validating the files. (this can take a while.)
After validating, it should pop up saying it has found new maps and ask if you want to update them.
Next you should see the progress bar as it updates your maps.

When its 100% finished it should say that it was unsuccessful.
All Done, take your key out and check you have the new maps.

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Just got to Fiji but heading further East though, so I won't be able to help for a while

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Thanks for your phone call after just getting of the plane from holidays :notworthy yeah I got a bit stuck today trying to up load new maps.
Whoistheg has kindly offered to catch up and help will keep you informed.


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No problem John, Hopefully he will be able to help you get it updated so you don't keep getting lost and ending up at those brothels all the time :joke:

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So i met up with Yellow Toy on the weekend and i can 100% say his Sat nav is different
to mine. I don't know if his Uconnect is a newer model but i tried both the USB keys
i made for mine and the both said validating update after 5 min of that another splash screen
comes up and says

Please Visit

It also lists his Unit ID and Validation Code..

Now these are his version number

CTP 2012
Unit ID. xxxx(there is a number)
Software Version 4.10
GPS. 3.00
DR. 2.00
Text. 2.60 (british english)
Audio 2.30 (british english)
Detailed Maps: 2011 (c) 2011 NAVTEQ

These are My number

Model. CTP13
Unit ID. xxxx(there is a number)
Software Version 2.33
GPS. 4.15.01
Text. 2.04 (british english)
Audio 2.00 (british english-kate)
Detailed Maps: 2014 (c) 1987-2014 HERE

So all i can see is he is running a new Software Version at 4.10 and im on 2.33 ??

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Just reading this other thread here

i think "Yellow Toy" might have an older version of the Uconnect and may need to do it this way..

Loading maps onto your car:
*2011-2012 Method*
1) In the Navigation settings in the car, find the Device ID for the Garmin module. It's probably in the "About" screen somewhere. It will be a 10-digit code - write it down.
2) Install a program called "GMapTool" onto your computer - easily found via Google.
3) Open GMapTool, then drag the "gmapprom.img" file in the "Garmin" folder on the USB stick into the empty box in GMapTool under the "File name" header.
4) Click the "Info" button in GMapTool.
5) Just above the "End." line at the bottom of the information window, there is another line that starts with "F:" in that line, there is a 4-digit number after "FID". Write it down.

*This number is unique to each new map update. For simplicity sake, I'll just tell you what it is for 2014.40 North America maps - "3187".

6) Via Google, find a program called "Garmin Keygen v1.5 + CF" by Jetmouse.
7) Run that program, then enter your 10-digit Unit ID in the top box.
8) Under the "Select Map Product:" pull-down menu, select "<custom mapset>"
9) In the new window that pops up, enter the 4-digit FID number that you wrote down, then click "OK".
10) Click the "Generate" button in the bottom-right corner. This will generate the 25-digit unlock code that you will need to key into your car. Write it down.

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Poor John seems to be the only one struggling but I'm sure he will get there.

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Fantastic John. Glad that you have it sorted. Did you redo the USB key?
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