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I did again: OEM HID retrofit upgrade

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As many of you remember, I was the first one that retrofitted a non-HID 300C with the OEM equipment.

Now I went a further step changing the D1S Valeo projectors and bulbs for a D2S Valeo projectors and bulbs.

The first bulbs used were original Philips 85122+ 5000k and now have installed the Philips Ultinon 6000K. The light output will be pure white with some tint of bluish and purple.

Need only to remove the 4 attaching screws from the projector to the light housing and install the new one and reattach them again. Also needed the D2S bulb connector.

You still used the OEM ballast and ballast to bulb connector cable.


The light output patterns are shown below


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I need the advice.
I found these:
The price is right but I am afraid that they will look cheesy, too blue?
I do not have HIDs currently.
Is this good idea to replace with those or not?
Also how difficult to do it on 300C ?
On my BMW E60 it was terrible , you had to have kids hands to get into headlights compartment, it was almost impossible
Well as far as the retrofit, i want to do it, but i dont want to touch the wiring in my car.
Im gonna get HID looking bulbs, but from HOEN.
I dont want to go with some non name brand, plus alot have said the HOEN are great.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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