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I got my Magnaflow Exhaust today and...

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OK, I know there are many posts about exhausts, but here is mine. I bought the 300C last Thursday and I found a Muffler shop that would do a custom cat back with Magnaflows for $400.00. They did a great job, I asked them to set them back as far as possible and they said they stick out a little so they don't burn the car.

The exhaust sounds awesome when you start the engine. When you pull away slowly, again sounds great just enough growl. Now the problem at 1/5 to 1/3 gas usually just over :AR15firin 2K RPM it is a little too loud for my taste. Then again when you get to a cruising speed on the highway there is just enough to know there is an aftermarket exhaust there.

So, if I find the need is there an easy way to get the 1800-2200 PRM noise reduced? I did not have enough time to call them after I drove it...

I have not posted any pics of my ride as of yet, I did not see the need to show a car that you could find on the lot of you local 5 star dealer! Below are a few pics, please no pot-shots about the dirt. I know I know, I need a wash badddddd.

My next mod is wheels and I just can't seam to find a wheel that blows my hair back. I will post many pics as soon as I add the wheels.


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Hemi-Roid said:
I have been reading many posts left by members complaining of their aftermarket exhausts whether it be Zoomers, Borla etc. If you want the louder and perhaps better sound than what you are hearing from the factory setup then go ahead and do the mod and stop the whining that it's now too loud. I have seen as many people moaning and groaning as I have seen praise from those that love the mod. Are some of you that stupid to go ahead and cut the factory system out without 1st listening to what you're about to install?? I've seen atleast 3 sets of pipes for sale on this site from members who just can't handle the sound. If some of the members wanted the look and sound of the SRT8, they should have bought one. Stop installing these fart cans on and leave the exhaust the way it was meant to be. What I enjoy with the C is that its extremely understated and should remain that way without any outrageous body kits, spoilers or other rediculous mods that ruin what the 300C is all about. A nice set of wheels, grill and perhaps a few additional subtle items is all you need for one hell of a ride without looking like a total jerk who just draws the wrong attention and is going to be the target off all sorts of jealous folks just waiting to drag a key along side the car.

funhater! :banana: :banana:

as far as exhaust goes...yes, if u want the smooth quiet stock sound, then by all means dont go aftermarket(seems kinda obvious). but for me...i like my shiny tips and the growl of the hemi. i bought a hemi, i wanted to hear a hemi. and now i do :) i can completely understand those that wish to keep the stock exhaust though as well. something to be said for the classy quiet powah of the stock c. my zoomers setup has settled into a nice mellow rumble at lower speeds, not too obnoxious at all, but push the hemi and the beast really comes out. i havent heard enough of borlas or magnaflows in a C to comment.
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