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I got my Magnaflow Exhaust today and...

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OK, I know there are many posts about exhausts, but here is mine. I bought the 300C last Thursday and I found a Muffler shop that would do a custom cat back with Magnaflows for $400.00. They did a great job, I asked them to set them back as far as possible and they said they stick out a little so they don't burn the car.

The exhaust sounds awesome when you start the engine. When you pull away slowly, again sounds great just enough growl. Now the problem at 1/5 to 1/3 gas usually just over :AR15firin 2K RPM it is a little too loud for my taste. Then again when you get to a cruising speed on the highway there is just enough to know there is an aftermarket exhaust there.

So, if I find the need is there an easy way to get the 1800-2200 PRM noise reduced? I did not have enough time to call them after I drove it...

I have not posted any pics of my ride as of yet, I did not see the need to show a car that you could find on the lot of you local 5 star dealer! Below are a few pics, please no pot-shots about the dirt. I know I know, I need a wash badddddd.

My next mod is wheels and I just can't seam to find a wheel that blows my hair back. I will post many pics as soon as I add the wheels.


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ok guys.........this post just ruined my day. well sorta.

i plan on taking my car in within the next couple weeks for the 'poor man's exhaust upgrade'. i was going to leave the middle suitcase and just have them weld new tips on the end (remove the resonators), but after reading this now wonder if i should.

or should i...take out the middle 'suitcase', leave the rear resonators on and have them just weld tips to them?

im still very confused about the glasspacks, as ive heard of them but really never had any experience with them. you guys think i should add 2 of these in the rear? what do they even do?!?

i also want to add dual outlet tips to each muffler. ive been having trouble locating some that will fit our cars and look nice. should i be looking for a 3" or a 2.75"?!?!? i think PixelPusher has the quad tips like im talking about (correct me if im wrong) and just wanted some peoples opininons on what i should do.

PLEASE HELP ME GUYS! I dont want something that is sort of loud, but not too 'fart pipe' like, while still preserving the mean rumble of the V8 HEMI. Im cant make a decision as of right now without some quality imput and dont want to ruin the sound of my C!
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HEMI4ME.....thanks alot for youre response, and im glad youre happy with your decision. i for one am going to do what you did, or something similar...i think, i dont really wanna drop the money on an full exhaust right now as theres many other things id like to do with the money. im going to get the labor for almost nothing ($60) and the only thing i have to pay for is new tips (dual outlets?) and perhaps glasspacks.
speaking of glasspacks, where did you get yours and whatd you pay?

so which do you guys think i should do to achieve that nice mean hemi 'growl'.

-remove center muffler, keep rear resonators, add glasspack+tips

-keep center muffler, remove rear resonators, add glasspack+tips

(or either of them minus the glasspack)


anyone that has done this alternative to a full exhaust please help me out, as i dont wanna be disappointed with my results.

--->oh and by the way, i plan to remove the airbox silencer and add a volant :evil:
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