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Hello Gang,

Just a quick note to say that I had the chance to look at a '06 CV "C". Today I was at one of the local Chrysler dealers in my area and they had a '06 "C" delivered over the weekend. The car still had the plastic protective coverings on the seats and where else they usually go.

No, I have no plans on trading in my 'baby', but I wanted to see the differences in the '06's vs the '05's. I didn't get the chance to see if the "World Famous" signature of Grunt was anywhere on the car, but I know that the same caring people at BA took the time and did a great job for another future owner. Hopefully, whoever purchases that one will have alot of trouble free miles, just like I have had so far!


Brian T. Carotenuto

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the pic in his sig is his CV 300, not the 2006 CV 300C he was commenting on. i'm pretty sure the chrome mirrors were carried over to the 2006 models as well as the rest of the chrome trim found on the 2005 300C's.

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Thanks for the mention of the '06 sticker, I was pretty sure about the pressure monitoring, I think that it is mandated on many if not all the '06's. I had heard from my dealer that they were going to have DRL, but time will tell.

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JS440 and others...

To answer your questions, Just like what MHC said, the chrome mirrors are still there. The picture in my signature is a picture of a CV base like mine. I didn't happen to notice about the radio with the outputs or the TPM system. Everything is basically the same as our 05's, the only external difference is that the fuel filler door now has a small hook to hang the cap tether on, and the price has gone up! I can check again if needed. I hope this helps.

Sincerely yours,

Brian T. Carotenuto

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new headrests?

I thought they were going to redesign the headrests for 2006.

The ones in my 2005 300C go all the way up when I get in and push against them at all, especially with a coat on. I wish they would stay down. I was hoping the 2006 versions would solve this and I would have my dealer swap them out, or buy the new ones.

Any thoughts? Anyone seen the new interior? did they change the headrests any? the pictures of the car on E-bay look the same as in 2005.

300C RWD Magnesium.

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Here is what I got from Grunt at BA for the 2006 changes:

2006 MY changes - Chrysler 300 & Dodge Magnum/Charger


Cool Vanilla limited to retail units (not available for Fleet)

Stone White added as Fleet Only availability

Silver Steel Metallic Clear Coat replaces Mineral Grey

Deep Lava Red replaced by Linen Gold Metallic Pearl Coat


Performance Appearance Group content added to Magnum SXT

Bright Grille Inserts, Bodyside Molding with Bright Insert,

Fog Lamps, Body-colored Folding Heated Mirrors,

3.5L High Output Engine badge, Bright Headlamp Bezels

Performance Appearance Group dropped

Fender Molding Dropped from Magnum SXT's

300 Touring/Limited Bodyside Moldings changed to RT design

300 Touring/Limited, SXT Exterior Mirrors changed from folding to fixed (Magnum, Charger SXT)


Fold-flat Front Passenger Seat (Late Introduction, Magnum/Charger SXT, RT)

Rear Door Ash Receivers removed from Smoker's Package

Auto/Auto graphic added to sunroof switch (commonization)

SXT/RT get Ash Receiver Door with Chrome Accent

SXT (Leather)/RT get Satin Silver lower steering wheel spokes

SXT/RT gets new Center Stack Bezel - Satin Silver (Magnum/Charger SXT/RT)

Boston Acoustics badge added to mirror flag door trim


New Tire Pressure Monitor Warning (300 Touring/Limited)

New Tire Pressure Monitor Display (300C)

Optional DVD Video Entertainment System in Center Console (Magnum/Charger SXT, RT)

AM/FM/CD Radio (REF) gets Auxiliary Audio Input Jack [yes!!!]

Seat Belt Alert added

SXT RWD new 17" Machined Aluminum Wheel (Magnum, Charger SXT)

300 Touring new 17" Machined Aluminum Wheel (300 Touring)

RT 18" Aluminum Wheel made optional on RWD SXT's (Magnum, Charger SXT)

3.5L Engine RWD Models get W5A580 Transmission (Sept 2005, 300 Touring, Limited)

2.7L Engines receive Variable Line Pressure (VLP) Transmissions (300, Magnum/Charger SE)

Auto Headlamps & Express-up Windows added to Convenience Grp II (Magnum RT)


New Police Packages (Magnum, Charger)

Charger Daytona Package (Charger RT)

New SRT-8 models (6.1L Hemi & WA580 AS trans, 20x9.0 wheels, Magnum/Charger)

Fleet Safety Convenience Group (300, Magnum/Charger SE)

All Dodge Models get Hood Props, Chrysler models get Gas Props

Cold Weather Group replaced by Engine Block Heater

Optional Comfort/Convenience Group added to 300 Touring
(includes: Power Passenger Seat, Heated Seats, Express up/down Windows)
I am just a simple GRUNT .

Hope this helps.
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