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OK, so it didn't take long for the bug to bite and disease me, but I am diseased. I just set up an appointment today to upgrade my 2007 300C's BA6 system.

To date, the only upgrade I did was to add the Kicker stealth sub in the trunk. As I've had the car for a couple of months, I have been happy with the system, but mostly from the integration of the NAV, UConnect, and stereo. The kicker sub added "something" to the sound, but being only a speaker-level upgrade it still lacks (but I don't necessarily blame it on the sub, at least not yet).

Well, with parts of my old Town Cars system sitting in the garage, I decided to explore. Here's what I am doing. This is after weighing all of the positive and negative comments I've read on the net regarding the various components I will be using in the upgrade. This is after my own personal opinion of the components based on my review of manufacturers sites.

1. I am going with the JL Audio Clean Sweep and summing unit. The EQ set on the OEM system is not great, especially in the front door. Too muddy. Based on my research, this Clean Sweep/summing unit combo will clean up the sound out of the OEM head unit and prepare my system for what I will be adding/replacing. This will also give me the auxilliary input I'm missing for my iPod. I don't care about controlling the iPod from the HU.

2. It's time to make use again of my JL Audio 500/5 amp. I loved this amp in my Town Car, and it just doesn't seem right to leave it in the garage. This amp made my ears bleed with no distortion.

3. I will probably put in the Monster 1-Farad capacitor. Do I need it? Not sure, but again, I needed it in the Town Car, so I might as well put it to use instead of letting it rot in my garage.

4. I am throwing in my Boston Acoustics NX-97 6x9's in the rear deck. The least important upgrade as good sound should come from the front. Again, sitting in the garage.

5. Since I gave up my Boston Acoustics Pro 5.5 components to my wifes PT Cruiser, I need to buy new front speakers. In trying to keep the overall cost around $1,000 for this upgrade including what I'm throwing in above, I decided to purchase the JL Audio XR-650CSi components for the front doors/dash. There are better, but money is an issue.

6. The only item from my old system I probably won't use is my JL Audio 12" sub in a custom box. It was designed for the large 1997 Town Cruiser trunk. The 300C's trunk isn't that big, which is why I got the kicker stealth sub from Chrysler. I am hoping that once the 500/5 amp feeds the kicker sub, it will sound much better than the speaker splicing installation right now.

I will now wait for two weeks for th installation, which will be done 2 days before my birthday. Happy birthday to me. :fing02:
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