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I'm buying this car if it kills me, I.C.E NAV thoughts and questions

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Hello all,

I've been lurking these forums for the past two weeks while I consider the purchase of the 300c. I currently drive an Audi A4 that I sold yesterday, and have been looking for either something more spacious or faster. My selection narrowed me down to the Subaru STi, the Chrysler 300c, and the Infinity G35.

Ultimately, I needed to have my decision made before this weekend, and I am pretty set on purchasing a 300c. I test drove the STi, G35, Audi S4, and last but definitely not least, the 300c on sunday. I was blown away at the power backing this thing. I had ridden in a Touring sedan and was impressed how Chrysler pulled off the quality interior and fit and finish yet it lacked balls. Its more than acceptable coming from an Audi. I even prefer it. The Salesguy was not very happy when I nailed it through a turn and lit up the tires for a bit. :D Needless to say, I was pretty hooked. The STi, while an amazing car, would get pretty tiring to drive in my 2 hour a day commute. The G35 has a drivetrain like a Nissan altima and felt as such...

After leaving the dealership, we proceeded to go for margaritas and some tacos and stumbled upon a Chrysler 300c DUB edition parked off of Beverly Blvd. Naturally, I pulled over and inspected it close up. SOLD even further.... Over the meal, my brother in law and I discussed the 300c in depth and my plans for what I would do to the thing the moment I drove it off the lot. Vanilla color, Exhaust, powdercoated vanilla forged wheels, aftermarket stereo, 2 way alarm, tint, call it done!

Considering the weather this last sunday, I took out my Continental Convertible. We left the mexican restaurant and proceeded to get on the 10 freeway headed east. After merging over a few lanes, I noticed a 300c coming up on my tail, and fast. Apparently they wanted to check out my car and I wanted to check out theirs. There it was, Vanilla color, tint, exhaust, debadged, on 22" Powdercoated white wheels. It was totally surreal to be discussing your plans for a future car, and then have that EXACT car pull up next to you. The owner rolled down his window to give me the thumbs up and I screamed, IM BUYING THAT EXACT CAR NEXT WEEK. The car had dealer plates, so we asked for a business card and it was passed between the cars at 50mph. Surreal... 2 encounters with modified 300c's within 2 hours after test driving one.

Not quite sure how often things like this happen, but it was indeed 'divine intervention.' :eek: This car must be mine. So I sold the Audi last night, and plan on purchasing this weekend. I am looking for Vanilla, with Sunroof but have some questions.

I am in confusion about what to do with the factory stereo or NAV. The factory NAV unit is currently NOT in development over at The salesguy I spoked with said that they have yet to get their hands on one to play with. If they did sell a unit to modifiy the factory nav, it would cost anywhere from $600-$1300 dollars and I would have to send it to them. He mentioned some of the Mercedes Units cost over $3000 for the DVD/TV modifications. I also called crutchfield, and they are indeed selling harness's for the Soundgroup 2 8 speaker system. For $1500 I could easily mount a Pioneer 7500DVD DIN unit in the dash, and have full I.C.E with the ability to upgrade to NAV at a later date.

I have seen a few people talk about modifiying their 2005 300c NAV units to be able to use PS2s, and TV tuners and the like. Are you guys just blowing smoke up our asses? :D Some info in regards to this would be awesome.

I also need to know if there is a way yet to incorporate an iPod into the Stock changer on these cars. Do the stereos have a Changer port on the back? I used a company called Blitzsafe to purchase an adapter that replaced my changer with RCA inputs on the A4. Worked like a charm.

I'm in confusion right now whether to purchase the stock NAV unit and cross my fingers that I will be able to incorporate the ipod, and I.C.E, or just go aftermarket. Aftermarket will screw up the OEM look of the car to a certain degree. Especially with the way the stock stereo knobs are positioned at the side. Who really wants an Alpine or Pioneer unit with Mickey Mouse ears on the side.
Those of you with 22" Wheels. I am currently running 20" wheels on my Lincoln and wouldn't for the life of me change them to 22" on a classic with rickety suspension. Do you have any complaints about handling or ride quality? Do you sometimes wish you went with a 20"? How much road vibration, and feedback do you get on the steering wheel? I put 18" on the A4 and it was a blatent difference in feedback.

Thanks for the help and info. This forum has been a big deciding factor in my purchase as well. Sorry for lumping all my questions into one post, I figured I might as well introduce myself before running my mouth a bit... :)
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This doesn't answer your question, but I'll say this: Ever since the 300 came out, it reminded me of the '63-'67 Continental. It would be great to have a four-door convertible 300C, even if it was just a one-off concept car. Chrysler could generate a HUGE marketing buzz of that. (I wish the trunk of the 300 was a bit longer, though, which would make it easier to accommodate an entire roof in there.)

The 20 inchers on your Lincoln look too pimp for me, but on your 300, they'd be perfect. They are more practical than 22's and you won't look like a drug dealer. ;)
Hey Rogue,

It sounds like you're having fun. Good. :D

Rather than rehash, check out the threads on
wheel size and ride quality. Unless you want
wheel hop over bumps, make sure your new
wheels weigh no more, and preferably less,
than stock.


George "At The Hop" Ferguson
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rogue said:
powdercoated vanilla forged wheels, ...

This I gotta see - might be 'da Bomb.

Considering the weather this last sunday, I took out my Continental Convertible.

So great minds think alike, no?

No dubs, but plenty of shine.

Not quite sure how often things like this happen, but it was indeed 'divine intervention.'
The voice of reason is not heard by all. :rolleyes:

Those of you with 22" Wheels. I am currently running 20" wheels on my Lincoln and wouldn't for the life of me change them to 22" on a classic with rickety suspension.
How are the 20s? :confused: They fit, but jeez, I would be terrified of cracking the old girl in half. FoMoCo's first attempt at a unibody convertible, the '58 Mark III, regularly "broke" along the spine driving over big bumps. :eek:
That's why they utilized "suicide doors" in '61 - to take weight off of the middle.

IN any case, check out eBay for Factory NAV packages - the last one sold for $714 - not bad iffin' you can install yourself.
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haha I guess something about the 300c reminds us of them great old land yachts. :D Beautiful Lincoln. 62 or 63?

I found a guy developing a new line of forged wheels willing to make me a set of powdercoated white wheels. Total weight of the 22"x9.5" wheel is a mere 36lbs minus tires. Thats a heck of a lot less than any of the cast beasts people have been having handling issues with I hope. I'm picking up a 300c saturday, but am willing to go with Vanilla or Silver. It all depends what I end up with.

As far as the 20" wheels on my linc, I'd have to say it hasn't changed the ride quality a bit. I sure as hell don't miss the bias ply's folding over on freeway onramps squeeling in pain! I feel a heck of a lot safer now with the 20"s believe it or not. I had a situation on the freeway recently, where I am pretty certain the extra rubber on the road saved my car, and my own life. Damn idiots on the freeway don't know any better to not cut off a 5600lb car with drum brakes :rolleyes: The only thing that concerns me, is the tru-ness of the wire wheels. I imagine I'll have to have them checked out and balanced from time to time. I had them hand made here in LA, so the guys will be willing to maintain them atleast. They came with a 2 year warranty.

There are a few Lincolns out there with 22" and they look downright "minitruck" to me. It took me 3 years of pondering before I finally bit the bullet and threw a set on mine. The last thing I'd ever want, is an old timer who remembers the car in its hayday, telling me I ruined the classic lines of the car with my 'gangster wheels'. I'm a big believer in letting a car remain simple and staying true to the style of a car. Hope I can continue it with the 300c.

Let me know if you ever want to exchange notes on the linc. I have worked on or replaced damn near everything on mine. Amazing moneypits they are arent they ;)
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Glad to hear that the rims are actually helping.
The "gum-dipped" bias plys sure do complain alot, this is true.
Still, they do deliver a very soft, "pillow" type ride.
Running a 2bbl here, pretty good torque from the 430.
Get most of my parts from Baker's or Lincolnland, but am finding that Lincoln Parts International in California has lower prices. Ever have a "buying experience" with the witch at Classique?
You're lucky out on the West Coast - much less humidity.
Do have a good Lincoln mechanic here however - whew, only 28 separate switches and relays on that top!


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