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Hey guys,

I've read several threads about this subject so I'll describe what is happening, what I've done and maybe a solution I'm unaware of may crop up!

So the car was starting fine until the other morning. It had the SKREEM issue (and logged error B2224) where it would crank, start and die for two attempts, and then not do anything on the third attempt. However it allowed me to continue this habit by alternating keys which I found a bit odd.

So I removed the remote start module thinking this was the issue; no change. Then I reprogrammed all the original keys using Appcar, it then started and ran normally for one day. Then the touble began again at work. Eventually it started after locking and unlocking for ages and swapping keys over while I did it, so when I got home, having already ordered a replacement, new, non genuine key, I reprogrammed it to the car and it worked for a further day. Then back to the old song and dance of no run.

This morning came and I had the same song and dance so had to grab a ride into work with a friend who lives locally, luckily.

Now, I've read that the TPMS modules can cause issues with the immobiliser if they either go faulty or the plugs corrode so tonight I took them both out and they look original to me as they're stamped with Chrysler Daimler VDO Siemens and are pretty grubby, although the plugs and all the connections seem immaculate. So I removed both modules and tried to start the car. Hey presto, started straight up and carried on running. I went for a drive and parked it up, locked it, allowed the immobiliser and steering lock to active and then unlocked it and it started right up AGAIN!

So my question is; as I don't have the TPMS active anyway, and no sensors in the wheels will it make any difference to the car if I grease and tape them up to prevent corrosion and leave the modules disconnected?

I'm going to try it over the next few days and see what happens after a few tests, but if this works do I really need to replace them or will them not being there upset the CANBUS?

Thank in advance for any light you guys can shed on this, especially if there's another thing I could be testing or looking for.
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