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Infamous fan or belt squeal this morning

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When I started it and drove off I couldn't hear anything....After letting the car warm up at the gas station getting coffee I had to head back home for something.

I pulled in the driveway and ran inside. I came back out and it was squeaking at idle. I noticed this only once before and it was only slightly quieter before.

I blipped the throttle when it was parked and the squeal went away.


I guess I'll mention it to the dealer. Anyone else get this fixed yet?

Someone else posted this in General. It's probably not SRT8 specific but I do remember a couple 8 owners experiencing this.
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I haven't noticed the problem yet, but when it was really humid back home in southern MS, we used to get quite a few cars doing that back in my pops shop. Hopefully it's just a bad belt, or a tensioner issue, not bad compressor pulleys.
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