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Infamous fan or belt squeal this morning

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When I started it and drove off I couldn't hear anything....After letting the car warm up at the gas station getting coffee I had to head back home for something.

I pulled in the driveway and ran inside. I came back out and it was squeaking at idle. I noticed this only once before and it was only slightly quieter before.

I blipped the throttle when it was parked and the squeal went away.


I guess I'll mention it to the dealer. Anyone else get this fixed yet?

Someone else posted this in General. It's probably not SRT8 specific but I do remember a couple 8 owners experiencing this.
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slight squeal sound too

Yes, I too hear a very slight squeal sound that is intermittant. Believe it is belt related and possible related to power steering as seems to vary sound pitch if one turns the steering wheel while sitting still.

Have also heard very minor and intermitant tic sound, possibly lifter related, and seen threads here about that too. I will mention all of this to my dealer but not overly concerned. These very slight sounds should be of little or no consequence in my opinion, and they only happen every so often.

Hey, I love the sound of the engine when it turns over, kind of a low growl, and that is every time!
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