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Got my NAV from ebay a few days ago, installed it today after the bezel came in. I went into the bezel replacement process as a dry run yesterday and glad to have done that since I would have been pretty overwhelmed with the details on one install. There are a bunch of 4 mm nuts/bolts in there that require a special tool to remove them in order to separate the ESP/Emergency lights/Airbag lights module, clock module, and the AC control module from the bezel. I had to go out and buy a set of these box nut wrenches. Then, watch out for the antenna connector- there is a core aluminum piece and a loose black plastic outer sleeve- it doesn’t seem obvious that the black piece is what you should be removing or attempting to unplug- if you grab the aluminum inner piece, you can rip apart the antenna connector and be looking for a replacement connector- grab the black plastic piece and remove en masse.

Then, the air con vents are attached to the bezel and come off with it- the other end just has foam sealers and fits loosely on the main vents in the dash. Remove from bezel after the bezel has been removed completely. Reverse the process when you install to new bezel.

The antenna for the GPS comes with a metal mounting bracket screwed on to one side of it- this is a high frequency RF antenna and therefore needs an unobstructed view to the sky from the black plastic side. If you put it in there with the metal side facing upwards, you will severely attenuate the signal- I unscrewed the three tiny Phillips head screws and separated the metal mount from the plastic piece and set aside that metal piece. Then I mounted the plastic piece(with the wire coming out of one edge of it) where the middle speaker would have been and laid it flat on the foam stopper that’s under that grill with the antenna's business end pointed upwards towards the skies.

While slipping the whole unit back into the gaping hole left by the previous stock rec radio, it took a bit of tugging and pushing (and avoiding pressing on the delicate joystick and various buttons) to get it positioned in place- there is very little wiggle room there in this fitment- I installed the four original screws and tightened them in a staggered pattern. a little at a time till they were all in - if I had tightened one of them at a time, I’m sure I would have broken the mounting brackets.

Now to go on to Jon Ws mod and Navtv2Go...

The NAV is very sweet though its very very frustrating having to enter addresses without the touch screen facility- that joystick data entry is a PITA!!! Wonder why they couldn’t design a touch screen interface as many have been doing for years and years! Tomorrow and the day after, I drive to major cities in Pennsylvania and I'm not in the least bit feeling intimidated, as I normally would be, under the circumstances- bring 'em on, I say :)

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