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intake and good tires

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i have k and n intake and 255/55/18 bfg kdw 2 and ran my car at norwalk ohio and ran 14.01
just ordered magna flow exhaust and jet chip stage 2 better be in 13.8-13.9 range
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QB409 said:
Vanilla, I need to know your 60' times with the BFG 255's, please post your time slip info so I can see if it is worth the expense. I've tried contacting you offline but no response.

14.01 is a great ET, but you said in a post on April 1st that you already have the Jet chip Stage 2. :confused: Please set the record straight, sharing this info helps us all. QB
I ran again last night after installing Volant. Times were not much improved. I first added Borla and seen a .2 improvement (14.8 to 14.6).
Last night ran 14.5 @ 98.5 mph but air temp was 15 degrees cooler than the week before, so I didn't see any real improvement with Volant. I think stock intake is OK until adding headers. BTW, my 60' times are crap (2.35). Tires would help there. Or maybe a better driver.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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