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Guys, you all know we are committed to your satisfaction be it on product or making it right now matter what it takes.

We currrently have an issue with a customr now with Fed-Ex where the package has just fell off the face of the earth. It was picked up here and scanned as part of our day end and then gone. We have had a least a half dozen here in the past year with packages disapperaing or showing up months later. Also we have had issues where foreign post offices have shown delivery and in in fact turns out that the package is sitting at the post office or at customs. No notification to the customer, nothing.

To solve the issue we are setting up a brokerage account for all overseas and Canadian shipping.

This is how it will work:

Your order will be placed as you normally would do, either over the phone or on our website.

All processing by us will be as it always has been. Custom orders will fall in order as received, and stock will be packaged and ready to ship. We never charge your card until that time.

On the day of shipping we will arrange with the brokarge house to pickup the package and get it to you internationally. The wait will be no more than 5-7 business days and as little as 2 business days. Once the package is picked up you will be given tracking info and a contact number to call. All duties fees are paid by the shipping broker so you will not be responsilble for duty fees. It is all taken care of with our contract with the shipping broker.

In turn the brokerage house is responsible for any loss, theft, or damage your package may incurr in the process. A payment will be issued to you directly from the brokerage house to you if any issues arise.

As a company, we feel this is the best way to ship to you internationally. We are removed from the process when the package ships, we pay to contract with the brokerage house to take care of the problems and you are paid or compensated directly if any issues arise other than force majeure (act of god). You have a direct line to a repersentative that acts on our behalf to get you your products timely and in excellent condition.

This service costs us more, but it is worth it to us for our international customers for the peace of mind for a more personalized way of shippinig to you.
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