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I have a MyGig RER on 2008 300C with a 30GB hard drive.
I'm having some issues playing music with the hard drive.
When I start the car, the hard drive will play two (2) songs, then lock up. The hard drive will not work again until I start the car the next time. Also, I have a photo displayed on the touch screen which is visible while the two songs are playing, then it goes blank.
This is the oddest thing. It doesn't appear the hard drive is damaged or corrupt, since it works when I first start the car.
Anybody have any experiences with this happening?
I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

Additional Information:
This phenomenon started last fall, approx September '13. Prior to this, playing music with the hard drive was never a problem.

Also, starting about 3 years ago, the unit would power off for a split second, show a black screen, then boot up with Chrysler wing logo, then resume normal operation. This went on approximately once a week for about two years then stopped. This has not happened since in over a year.

MyGig version is 9.807
This must be an old version since there have been 11 updates since to the current version 2.403.

When the unit is operating properly during the first two songs, this is the System Information:
Application: 9.807
Database: RS6- N 106 0642
Gracenotes: 534
SDS: 153326
Serial Number: T00BE347250860
System: 6815 006 3.5

After the two songs and the hard drive locks up, the Database, Gracenotes and SDS display different values, while the other three remain the same:
Gracenotes: N/A (Error)

Also, the U-Connect, and Navigation seem to be working properly. AM/FM and Sat are also working properly.

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Never had this problem before so I can only offer advice on what I would do to troubleshoot... Hopefully someone can help from experience, but, I'd start removing/deleting things one by one to see if there is an issue with any of the files. Good luck.
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