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jacking points

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I have looked up the jacking points on the forum, on the 300CSRT. The last information on this was posted in April and June. Anyone else have better information on this? I see a round area ahead of the rear wheels on the side of the frame, but see no spot to use a floor jack on the front. I need to lift up the front so I can try and repair the front valence, which was damaged on a curb. This is my second hit of a curb. Double shucks! Buzzard
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I bent my front rails a bit lifting the car with 3 wheels off the ground to slide a jack stand under. A length of 2x4 would go a long way in distributing the force, not needed if servicing only one wheel. If you are going to jack the front using the cross member (which is not a listed jack point btw) use some wood for distribution and place on jack stands at the proper jack points. This was the technique I used jacking my Citroen CX (the most beautiful car in the world)
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