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jacking points

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I have looked up the jacking points on the forum, on the 300CSRT. The last information on this was posted in April and June. Anyone else have better information on this? I see a round area ahead of the rear wheels on the side of the frame, but see no spot to use a floor jack on the front. I need to lift up the front so I can try and repair the front valence, which was damaged on a curb. This is my second hit of a curb. Double shucks! Buzzard
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Thanks, I'm going out now and look it over. Am I correct in jacking the rear on the round points in front of the rear tires, close to the outside edge of the car?

I went out and found the triangles on the frame. Thanks for you help Meister
more jack info

Meister, search jacking points, and you will see the diagram showing the rear hard rubber cicles I am referring to when you down load from one of the thread. Shows all the different points, and an exclamation. There is nothing in the SRT-8 owners book, sincw there is no tire or jack.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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