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Jeep SRT8 test drive

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Well guys, I just got back from a spin in a Jeep SRT8. A friend of mine was on the engine development team for the SRT8. In fact he was one of the lead engineers. Well, this weekend he had the Jeep home for some T&T. We tried about 15 launches in this thing from snow to wet to dry pavement. This thing gets out of the hole!! I can believe the 4.1 to 4.5 seconds that I have been hearing from the test engineers. This thing is going to put a hurtin on a lot of street cars!! But on a roll I think the Magnum would put the smack down on it! At a base price of $49,900 (CAD) this thing is a steal, it is actually cheaper base than a Limited. We put down 10-15 feet of rubber with all four tires while it kept us pinned to our seats in first and second gears. 3.73 gears and AWD with this motor just rocks. I wish the Magnum had the same drivetrain. The brakes are the same Brembos as on my car and do a great job hauling it down from speed. You guys have to get a ride in one when they are out on the street. Later, Tomi
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Thanks for the write-up! I can't wait until these start showing up! :cool:

Where are you guys finding these?

Where are the dealers located that have these? You can send me a PM if you want. Thanks! :cool: I NEED ONE!
MoparMadness said:
Where is everyone getting this crap about the Grand Cherokee weighing 4800lbs? According to Jeep's specifications it should be around 3900lbs, which means that it weighs less than the 300C. Less weight, AWD, and the 3.73 (the 300 SRT-8 has a 3.06 I believe) gear ratio is why the GC accelerates so much quicker.

LMAO! 'Fraid your sources are a little more than just a little bit off, methinks.
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